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Tom Sincavitch Sprung From The Stockade

Sprung from the stockade and reassigned briefly to a new unit, Tom was soon charged with viuolation of articles 90, 91, and 92 - three different brands of disobeying the brass. He is stiocking to his absolute refusal to co-operate with the military machine, which he describes as racist, immoral and anti-democratic. Sincavitch insists that though "the government is forcing us to act as its agent of execution by shooting, burning and bombing, I think we must first ask ourselves if the government has the right to do our thinking in these matters." Since the total possible sentence runs to 71/2 years, it won't be easy for the brass to sweep this incident under the rug. A general court maartial and public hearing will most certainly be necessary - that means all Fort Riley and the surrounding community will learn about Tom's couraageous action and the reasons he is fighting the system.








The AWOL Press, vol. 1, no. 3


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