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Fort Jackson 8

The brass has come down on eight Ft. Jackson GIs who have been actively opposed to the war in Vietnam. The eight are associated with the anti-war group GIs United Against the War in Vietnam, which has been making its view known all over the post and demanding the right to hold discussions Abut the war. Naturally, they have been hassled from the word go. Anti-war sentiment among enlisted men has reached serious proportions, as even the army admits (see N.Y. Times, Sunday April 6). The charges against the Ft. Jackson 8 are, as elsewhere designed to put a stop to the growing tendency for GIs to resist the dictatorship of the military brass. GIs United is planning to sue the Secretary of the Army and the commanding general at Ft. Jackson for infringing on GIs rights to hold meetings and petition. Contributions to the defense of the 8 can be sent to GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee, Box 225, Old Chelsea Station, NY 10011, NY. Messages of support should be sent to GIs United, P.O. Box 543 Columbia, South Carolina.







The AWOL Press, no 3


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