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GIs Win At Fort Jackson

Charges have been dropped against the last three anti-war GIs of the Fort Jackson Eight. The eight, all members of GIs United Against the War in Vietnam, had been under attack at Ft. Jackson since March 20, when they started a campaign for their rights of free speech and freedom to petition.

The group got wide publicity when they were hit with trumped-up charges in a clear cut case of political persecution. They were defended by the GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee, which is now ready to fight any move by the Army to give the 8 dishonorable dischaarges.

Charges against five of the eight were dropped two weeks ago, while the brass concentrated on the "three ringleaders." Now the Army has admitted it had no case aagainst them. Lawyer Louis Boudin is continuing to press for a prohibitionagainst the Army interfering with GIs rights under the First Amendment.

This was a victory for all GIs, for the anti-war movement, and for the democratic forces of America.






The AWOL Press, no 5


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