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Riot At Ft. Riley Stockade

Sunday June 22 there was a major rebellion at the Ft. Riley Stockade. Prisoners protesting treatment by the guards, blew the lid off for two hours,. throwing anything that could be thrown and setting fire to several Dempsey Dumpsters. This occurred Sunday evening from about 11 pm to 1 am. The rioting was touched off when the prisoners learned of the treacherous action of one of the guaards leading to the shooting of a prisoner. As we have been able to put together the story, it goees like this.

One guard let it be known to several prisoners that he was "one of them" and that he would turn his back if he happened to see them making it over the fence. He was going to be on duty Sunday evening, when movies were being shown. At intermission, a group of the prisoners approached the perimeter where the guard was. One man went through the concertina wire. At this point the group saw that the guard saw them. He turned his back, indicating that he was going to go through with the deal. The lead man went up to the fence, dropped back down as a car approached, and then went on over. As he crossed the road, the guard turned and fired, critically injuring the prisoner.

Two other prisoners receive buckshot wounds in the course of the rioting, though they are reported to be in good condition.




The AWOL Press, no. 7


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