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Black Unity Band

The Black Unity Band, also called Slave Bracelet and Bondage Band, was invented by our Black Brothers who are and were fighting in Viet Nam. They then introduced it to their Sisters and Brothers in the States. They wore the Unity Band to protest the war in Viet Nam, and to say that our war is inside the US. The band also brought them more together and let them show their unity with one another and with us (Black people who are fighting in the US).

This is a time of trouble for the Black man. Not only for the civilian but for us in the military. Dig it. The Black man in the military has tried to, and still is trying to show his unity by wearing the Unity Band. Just as these Black Brothers did in Nam, by making and wearing Unity Bands--wearing it with pride, the pride of being Black. Dig on to this. A man can wear a ring to show that he is united to a woman. Black men in the military wear the Unity Band to show that their Black minds are united to the Black Struggle for FREEDOM! But the racist pigs and their followers have tried to put a stop on the Brothers and Sisters by saying that we can't wear our Unity Band with our uniform. In other words, they are saying we can't show our Black Unity. The pigs in the military are trying to force us over to their way of thinking. “You are in my establishment so you will abide by my rules or else.” If we let them stop us from showing our unity by wearing the Unity Band, what is next?

Are they going to stop us from talking to one another totally or stop us from giving the Power?

The pig is trying to divide us, to keep us from showing our Black Unity. So we the Black GIs of Camp Pendelton are giving a call to all Black Brothers and Sisters, especially those in the military, to wear the Unity Band in protest. Show the pigs and their followers that we are opposed to their racism, their oppression, and to their war in Viet Nam.


Black Unity, no. 1


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