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We Want All Black Men To Be Exempt From Military Service

Brother Cliff Mansker is currently being held in Camp Pendelton maximum security unit for two reasons. First, and most clearly seen, is the fact that he is black, and second because he was revealing to his black brothers the truth about the racist-fascist Marine Corps. Brother Cliff started out like most of the brothers who come into the Marine Corps. He was gung ho, but there were some things that he had going for him. He was black first and the brass wanted him for this reason.

In December of 1969, Cliff was busted from Cpl. to L/Cpl. for being 15 days U.A. When he returned from his court-martial his C.O. Capt. Wilde threatened Cliff with another court-martial if he didn't remove his Black Unity Band. That was the beginning of a long series of charges for disobeying a direct order to remove his Black Unity Band.

Later in December of 1969 Cliff heard about the GI organization \by a member and he started to hang around. MDM wasn't all Cliff hoped it to be, but he wasn't discourtaged. He began to read a lot of the literature that was written by black revolutionaries and other literature thaat was recommended. Cliff learned fast from what he read, some of what he heard and soon he had a better understanding of the meaning of Black Political Consciousness. He was made the Minister of Information of M.D.M. In the process Cliff pick up the name Bro. Half in the same process he changed from a rooty-poot just enough to get over a gungho mnarine into a Black Revolutionary. Cliff read, and listened, and rapped, and it didn't take long for the pigs to hear about Cliff's political involvement.

In Jan., Cliff was duty NCO of barracks 1656 and he was organizing the brothers in cook school to the reality of their enslavement to the racist pig-ass motherfuckers who control the Marine Corps. Because of Cliff's activities, he was constantly harassed by these lifers. In mid-January, he was transferred to 21 area mess hall where there were more racist pig-ass motherfuckers to try and fuck over him.

In Feb of 1970, a surprise inspection was called. The pigs had hoped to catch Cliff with something that would put him in the slam. When they got to Cliff's wall-locker, the pigs found six Black Panther Papers and the lifers began to run up and down the squad bay yelling "we finally got him." During March, Cliff was harasswed because of hisw political beliefs and his refusal to remove his black Unity Band.

In April, Cliff was stopped in Town for F.I. (fascist interrogation) by the military pigss. They found five seeds in the car he was riding in and one Mary-Jane, so Cliff and his Ps were charged with possession. Whgen the chasers brought Cliff back to his barracks he wasd also charged with improper dress (wearing military khakies with civilian attire).

This type of harassment continued until July when Cliff was headed back to the base on a bus. He was rapping to some brothers when the bus was stopped by the M.P.s at the gate. His liberty card and ID were in perfect order, but because of Cliff's politicaql conversaation, the M.P. ordered him off the bus. Cliff was charged with disobeying a direct order and with disorderly conduct. Then on the night of August 11th, Cliff was on the street passing out papers (Black Unity or Black Panther Papers). He was stopped by the Oceanside pigs who claimed to have a city ordinance against passing out literature. The O.P.D. held Cliff and gave him to the military pigs. At that time he was asked for his Liberty Card and ID. He had his ID and liberty card, but supposedly wasn't signed out on liberty. At this time the M.P. spotted his unity band anbd ordered him to remove it.

When Cliff refused, he was physically assaulted and his Black Unity Band wwas removed . As a result of this attack, Cliff was charged with assault on an M.P. and threatening the life of an M.P. pig and refusing to obey a direct order.Cliff was sent to the brig Aug. 12 and on the next day was sent yo M.S.U. and put on diminished rations and has remained there.

Black Unity, no. 2


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