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Statement Of Black GI At Hood

Ironically forty-three men are to stand trial here at Fort Hood, Texas for refusing riot duty in Chicago and 43 men will probably be tried and convicted. Ironical because it is Fort Hood that should be on trial and not 43 disgruntled Black Soldiers.

First I would like to say that the policy of "Equal Rights and Opportunity" as outlined by the Army Regulations has broken down here at Fort Hood as usual due to human elements. These men as well as I are very much aware of the racial inequity that has existed here and this should be considered a part of what they, are protesting. Take for example "Riot Control Training" as important as it Is, is a big joke because it is itself an addition to the problem.

For weeks in class I listened to white first and second lieutenants assail the Negro rioters as filthy mouthed punks and hoodlums who under the leadership of a self style Messiah such as a Rap Brown or Léroi Jones had brought this country close to anarchy.

No one seemed to be aware of any real facts or vaguely familiar with the findings by the ''President's Commission on Racial Disorder." No one made any attempt to explore the possible causal relation between rioting and the understandable hatred that has mounted as a result of social and bconomlc deprivation.

I as well as others was tired of hearing nasty words to describe my brothers but no nasty words used to describe their situation. I agree my people are raising plenty of hell about being treated so badly, but don't expect me to go to Chicago with a bunch of white guys who after some of our classes are understandably under the impression we must stop the barbarians. Don't expect me to go. with a certain lieutenant who in summation of his talk said, 'There's one good way to stop rioting; elect Wallace."

The Houston Chronicle, Tuesday Sept. 3 made reference to our usage of the clinched fist as a symbol of sympathy for these soldiers who are to be tried. Don't get me wrong we are with them all the way but our fists have been up for months.

Initially I made an allegation concerning opportunity and rights. I would like to point out something: go to the 501st or the 502nd Administration Company and count the number of token Negroes and then go to the infantry and you will think you are in a Black Ghetto by comparison.

Yea, Fort Hood has a problem, it to too bad "The Man" doesn't realize that this protest is merely a preliminary for something that may turn more serious. As for going to Chicago -- simply out of the question.

By a Black Soldier

Co. B, 1st Bn. 41st Inf, 2nd Armored Div. Fort Hood, Texas

The Bond, vol. 2, no. 9


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