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Brothers And Sisters

The Bond is the voice of those anti-war servicemen who are resisting America's war of aggression against Vietnam. Fifteen thousand copies a month go to men of all four services on bases and ships around the world where they are passed from hand to hand and read by many thousands more.

But The Bond is more than an anti-war newspaper. It speaks for the American Servicemen's Union, as the voice of the most militant GIs, Airmen and Sailors. The ASU demands:

1. An end to saluting and sir-ing of officers.
2. Election of officers by vote of the men
3. Racial equality.
4. Rank and filers control of court-martial boards.
5. Federal minimum wages.
6. The right of free political association.
7. The right to disobey illegal orders-- like orders to go and fight in an illegal war in Vietnam.
8. The right of collective bargaining.

The Bond is distributed by 25 organizations across the US and in five foreign countries. THIS IS DONE BY CIVILIANS We need your help to get The Bond out. If you have a relative or a friend in the Armed Forces, you can have The Bond sent to him free of charge. If you are near a base, or bus or train stations where The Bond can reach GIs, bundles can be sent. Needless to say your financial aid is greatly needed both for The Bond and the ASU-- for expenses such as the defense of the 43 Black GIs who refused Chicago “riot” duty last month.

The Bond, pamphlet 1968.


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