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Fort Jackson GIs Harassed For Listening To Malcolm X

At Fort Jackson, S.C., the Brass are arresting and harassing black GIs who held meetings to listen to taped speeches of Malcolm X. Three GIs have been arrested on various petty frame-up charges (refusing an order to "go to bed" while sitting on bunk), and their company, B Company, 14th Bn, 5th CSTB, has been restricted so that only 8 guys could get together in barracks rooms because the Brass said it was "upper respiratory infection season." Anti-war GIs are now circulating a petition calling upon the CG to provide a place for a meeting on base to discuss the war in Vietnam and denouncing arrests and harassments including the dispatch of members of E Company 12th Bn, 3rd Brig, to Vietnam under armed guard without pre-embarkation leave.









The Bond, vol. 3, no. 2


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