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This paper is the culmination, or rather, the beginning, of an attempt to deal effectively with the efforts of the brass on Selfridge Air Force Base to suppress freedom!

One day some of incorrigible free thinkers started thinking about some strange things that were happening. Like at the same time we’re “defending freedom in Vietnam, we’re attacking our own people in the streets of Newark, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Berkeley, ad infinitum. While we can spend billions of dollars fighting a war on the other side of the world, we don’t have enough money to keep Americans from starving. Our black brothers are forced to risk their lives for a freedom which they themselves don’t have, even though they are citizens of the bastion of freedom. While we pretend to support self-determination for all people, we support the most ruthless dictators as long as they are “anti-Communist.” While we are making great strides for racial equality in the Air Force, a few black WAF’s are powerless against the pig tactics of a single white lieutenant. If we tell them we would rather love people than kill them, they’ll throw us in jail.

We’re going to find out why these things are happening, and what we can do to change them. And when we do, we’re going to let everybody on Selfridge Air Force Base know about it, even Major Barnes!





Broken Arrow, no. 1


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