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G. I. V. A. W. V.

G.I.’s and Veterans against the war in Vietnam (GIVAWV) is an organization of GI’s and Veterans (based in Detroit), which demands an immediate end to the war in Vietnam and the bringing of all the troops home Now.

As citizens we deplore the tremendous suffering and loss of American soldiers that has taken place as a result of the war. As GI’s and Veterans (many of us have experienced war), we can fully understand why the GI’s are tired and want to come home.

GIVAWV realizes that tens of thousands of GI dead, and the genocide of Vietnam is the direct result of the greed, and the drive for wealth and power, of big American businessmen and the Pentagon generals. 2 billion dollars of the American peoples tax money si [sic] spent on the war every month, while millions of Americans live without a proper diet without sufficient medical care, and without adequate housing and education. Needless death and injustice goes on in the U. S., and in Vietnam with the war, while the suppliers of the guns, tanks, ammunition, rockets, jet bombers, destroyers and aircraft carriers get richer and richer from government contracts.

We know that politicians have often voiced calls for an end to the war. In doing so, these politicians have exploited the American peoples anti-war sentiment only to get themselves into high paying political positions. Once there “in” they do nothing to end the war. GIVAWV believes in independent political action.

In the past GIVAWV has organized rallies and demonstrations, has distributed its leaflets and literature and has supported the rights of Gis to organize against the war. We have found these methods to be very effective in mobilizing the overwhelming opposition to the war that exists.

GIVAWV is a member organization within the Detroit Coalition to End the War Now (a coalition of thirty-five organization [sic] opposed to the war) which is presently organizing people from the Detroit area to attend the national march on Washington on November 15. It is predicted that this will be the most massive march yet against the Vietnam War, or for any purpose in the history of the United States.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens will take part, including GI and veteran contingents from all parts of the country. If you want to demonstrate your opposition to this war, come with us to Washington. It is perfectly legal for active duty GI’s to participate in demonstrations, no matter what the brass tells you to the contrary, as long as a GI does not do so during duty time on in an American service uniform. If you want to march with other active duty GI’s and veterans, or would like more information about the march or GIVAWV contact: GIVAWV 5705 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich. 48202

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