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There has been a marked increase in supporters and followers of the Movement in the last few months. Servicemen are becoming aware of the facts that they don’t have to take all the Brass’ cheap B.S. However, the movement still lacks the support it needs to become 100% effective.

Different GI’s have voiced support of the American Servicemens’ Union and its goals but have refrained from becoming an active participant to avoid becoming “involved”. Dear friend: you are involved as long as the Brass and military puppets in charge are allowed to subject you to their petty whims unchecked.

As an individual, your voice of protest echoes off of set, bigoted minds. With a larger body united towards the same objective, the opinions and basic rights of the common GI take more form and carry much more significant effect. There is power in a group united by a common bond.

Many people will not take a stand until they personally feel the harassment and chickenshit of the warped war machine. Then they expect unanimous support of their suffered indignity. There is security in numbers. Remember, you are not exempt from the superiority and prejudice of those who have earned their positions by physical endurance, ass-kicking and boot-licking.

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Broken Arrow, no. 9


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