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Broken Arrow-ASU-Selfridge AFB

The BROKEN ARROW is written and published by the American Servicemens' Union at Selfridge AFB. The demands of the union are:

l. The right to refuse to obey illegal orders- like orders to fight in the illegal, imperialist war in Vietnam.
2. Election of officers by vote of the men.
3. An end to saluting and siring of officers.
4. The right of black- and brown-skinned servicemen to determine their own lives free from the oppression of any racist whites. No troops to be sent into black or Spanish- speaking communities.
5. No troops to be used against anti-war demonstrators.
6. No troops to be used against workers on strike.
7. Rank-and-file control of court-martial boards,
8. The right of free political association.
9. Federal minimum wages.
10. The right of collective bargaining.

If you dig what we're doing, we need support, both GI and civilian. GIs should realize that this is your paper, and your comments are very important. We will not print your name unless you so indicate. Civilians should realize that it is vital to the movement to involve GIs. Contributions or requests for subscriptions should be mailed to:
Box 4712
Mt. Clemens
Mich 48043

Broken Arrow, no. 13


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