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Call For GI Awareness

One of the main questions posed to those of us involved in the GI Movement is why the brass keep coming down on us in the traditional, irrational lifer form. Perhaps the answer can be found in the old saying, “You can't teach an old dog new tricks.” After several years of confrontation and defeat, these cagey canines still fail to realize that first termers are more than two hands and two feet to be abused and harrassed [sic]. We have a brain capable of dealing in intelligent, rational thought processes. This one fact sets us apart from other animals (dogs included).

Our minds have not become warped and closed by twenty years of blind obedience to a corrupt, violent institution bent on not building, but destroying everything for which our country has stood these last two centuries. We as intelligent human beings are pressured to adopt these same standards with their moral and human wrongs. This we cannot, in all good conscience, do. As a result of this feeling, the GI Movement has become an important first step, one so unified and strong that for the last two years the brass have been faced with something they still don't fully understand. And it frightens them. They can no longer expect their impulsive moves to end our struggle. This has been proven many times in the past. Part of the reason is that we have excellent civilian lawyers to help us keep our actions on a legal level and to aid us in any hassle the brass might throw our way. In addition we have vast civilian support from various peace and peace-oriented organizations. This vocal, mass support has had a very influential roll in the outcome of court martial attempts in that the brass have been forced to abide by the rules of the Constitutional judiciary system, and not their own. This has prevented much of the kangaroo court activity for which the military is infamous.

Through coordination with the local civilian peace movement, we have been able to build and carry through actions such as the May 30 Picnic for Peace with a minimum of trouble. The brass would have liked nothing better than to hang us, but, since everything had been completely legal, they had no grounds on which to base their accusations. As a result their plan of attack was from the rear (commonplace in their species). As a direct result of the peace picnic several of us were stopped at the gate afterwards and charged with suspicion of leafleting and undermining the military morale of the base. Our cars were searched for “subversive literature”. Why then were the hubcaps removed and the engines checked? We all knew what they were looking for, and it wasn't literature! This is typical of military thinking. They knew there was nothing concrete against us, so their one alternative was to grab at straws for some kind of an answer.

The whole story is that the present-day first termers are a new breed of men. They are educated, concerned citizens who refuse to sit by while their nation destroys itself along with the rest of the world. They are dedicated to their ideals, and, of paramount importance, united in a common bond of purpose. They aren't out to kill the system, but to alter it to the point where all men can look to the future with at least a spark of hope. This is the duty of every American- to work for progressive change that will better the world, not to perpetuate a government that has time after time demonstrated its intentions not to allow that vital change. Remember that this is the same government that is more concerned with saving face than lives, the same government that finds it more adventageous [sic] to fight a war than to end poverty and hunger, the same government that has a double standard of justice and human rights, the same government that controls its people throught [sic] a huge and all-powerful military-industrial complex.

Granted, it is frightening. In fact it is terrifying! But we have people - millions of people - and we have a united determination to endure and to win. We urge all people who feel a great concern for the world to join us in a unified front with all energies directed toward ending this mounting oppression.

Give the world back to the people!

Broken Arrow, vol. 2, no. 2


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