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Whereas The First Amendment To The United States Constitution...

WHEREAS the First Amendment to the United States Constitution recognizes that freedom of speech and freedom of press are guaranteed to all citizens, and

WHEREAS Air Force Regulations recognize that members of the United States Air Force are entitled to possess any written materials for their personal use that they desire, and

WHEREAS AFR 35-15 states that “The service members right of expression should be preserved to the maximum extent possible,” and that distribution of literature “may not be prohibited solely on the grounds that the material is critical of Government policies or officials,”

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED personnel of Selfridge AFB, Michigan, petition Col. Kenneth I. Gunnarson, Base Commander, to grant the request of The Broken Arrow for distribution rights pursuant to Selfridge AFB Reg 5-1, which indicates that distribution may be accomplished with “prior written approval.” Although we do not necessarily agree with all the views expressed in The Broken Arrow, we feel that the right of free expression for all points of view should be protected.





Broken Arrow , vol. 2, no. 3



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