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What Is The SDA [Soldiers For Democratic Action]

We are a grouup of white soldiers here at Patton Barracks. who are unsatisfied. We are unsatisfied because we are oppressed by the very people we are supposed to serve. The President of our country has told us that we citizens before we are soldiers, but we have few of the rights guarenteed [sic] to most American citizens. We are forced to work long hours for poor wages, and after work we must live in quarters that were designed for the German Army over 25 years ago.

We are also tired, very tired, of being used as scabs in a war which the US government has no forseeable solution We wonder how we can fight for the rights of another people in another nation , when we don't even have any rights ourselves. We would like to know why our congress and our President have done nothing to stop the war. We are tired of seeing yong men killed when they don't even know or believe in what they are fighting for.

We know that there is a very great problem with racism here in the army, and in the American Society it self. We also that the army uses racism as a tool to keep black and white GIs from understanding their common problems. We, as white GIs have discovered that we are oppressed by by the same oppressor who oppresses the black people. We see that black GIs are organizing to gain their rights, and we know that we must organize ourselves as white GIs to gain our rights. We know that if black and white liberation groups work together against a common enemy, maybe we can do away with some of the mistrust that has been inbred in us.

Generally, we are just fed up with unjust military justice, useless inspector generals, useless field problems, KP, useless guard duty, and any other form of mental or physical harassment. Power to the PEOPLE!
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Call-Up, vol. 1, no. 1


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