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Fort Ord SPD Closing

SPD at Fort Ord was long an MDM stronghold. It was also composed, like most SPD'S, of conscientious objectors, AWOLs, dopers, and other undesireables. In addition, each brigade at Fort Ord had a company of 'losers" who didn't fit in with the military's vision of itself. The loser companies were dismantled a while ago---several men went to each of the other companies. Hopefully morale is deteriorating accordingly in all the companies. Now Fort Ord is breaking up SPD and will keep misfits attached to their companies. (Kind of a share-the-wealth program.) It is hoped that the dissemination of resisters of one type or another throughout the base will serve not to dilute, but to spread, antimilitary activities. Once again the military shows its innate desire to destroy itself.









Camp News, vol. 1, no. 7


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