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Are you tired of the shit that comes down on you everyday from brass and lifers? Are you tired of not being able to say or do what you feel because the brass holds extra duty, article 15s, loss of rank, loss of pay, or even the stockade over you?

Tired of not having any rights except what the lifers let you have? Do you think you have freedom of speech? Freedom of the press? If you think you have freedom of speech, try standing up in front of your formation, and speaking your mind. If you think you have freedom of the press, try passing out leaflets or newspapers that General Rogers has not approved in advance.

These rights are guaranteed to every American by the constitution. Then why don’t you have them?

...Tired of being fucked with? Well theres a way to fight back. We at the Home Front (GIs and civilians) are planning a march on Ft. Carson to show that you wont be alone if you stand up for the rights you should have... Come and demonstrate, come and rap with us. Meet at 10:30 at Home Front, 18 E. Pikes Peak, Saturday, Nov. 14. If you are out of uniform, and have a pass, it is completely legal.

You won’t be alone.




Counter-Attack, no. 3


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