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Counterpoint is a newsletter written by and for GI's. We feel it is a worthwhile way of keeping ourselves informed, reaching out to new people, and providing a forum for the free expression of ideas. But to continue serving these functions, Counterpoint needs MONEY. Since this is a GI paper, we want to continue to make it available to GI's free - although all donations are always welcome. We are therefore forced to ask all civilians who wish to continue receiving Counterpoint to subscribe if they haven't already done so. Please help us out by sending in the subscription blank below. We need your support if Counterpoint is to continue.

I wish to subscribe to Counterpoint. Enclosed is $4.00 for one year. I wish to be a supporting subscriber En closed is $7.50 to pay for my year's subscription and to help send Counterpoint to someone new.
Mail to Counterpoint, 5l5 20th E., Seattle.






Counterpoint, vol. 2, no. 8


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