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Why This Newspaper

Demand For Freedom is a paper that express the type of military we are participating in. It will explain only the faults in it, because thats all there is.

First of all, did you know that you aren't supposed to be in this military? Years ago a black man was not allowed to join the military. They kept us on their farms, building them up, while they, the pigs, went overseas to destroy the land of our brothers and sisters. More recently our fathers fought in their wars, but they still did not have freedom and constitutional rights. They had to pass a damn Civil Rights Bill for us just because we're black. They have to have big meeting before we can go to some schools.

We don't belong in this military now; we have nothing to defend over here. All of you who go around and kiss this pig's ass are just the ones that are holding back our liberation from this racist, capitalist society.

Whoever it is who reads this should remember one thing -- it's the TRUTH.






Demand for Freedom, no. 1



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