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As this third issue of Duck Power hits the streets, we again ask ourselves, "What is it all about."

The first issue of Duck Power was a one page hand out. It was designed to help a sailor (Seaman Robert Mahoney who may be sent to Midway Island because he stood up to the military power structure). The second issue was a four page newspaper put together, mainly by one man in three days of hard work. This issue, if we are not all sent off to the ends of the world, should be better, and hopefully the content of the paper will improve as we go along. To accomplish this we need people who are willing to stand up and exercise their rights; given to them by the Constitution of the United States. We need help with articles, getting the paper to our fellow sailors and civilians, and money If this paper is going to be an effective weapon against those who want to keep us in chains.

The potential of this newspaper, devoted to the rights and interests of military men, is fantastic. It is for that reason the military does everything in its power, legal and illegal, to supress it. We want to inform every military man, In black and white, of his rights. What he can do if he feels he is getting a rotten deal, and help him in any way possible. The military power structure is not afraid of anyone person, but when people begin to band together toward a common goal (the freedoms you are asked to die for), we can exert a power to offset the totalitarian power that comes down from the top. Ask yourself how many times have you sat around the mess decks or the barracks and listened to people who had legitimate complaints about the system they are protecting, and yet do nothing to help themselves. So the game goes on and on. You can have, and will have a say in the factors which make you count the days until the military "nightmare" is over.

Duck Power is printed in San Diego by concerned Ducks. This city takes our money, and gives nothing in return. Walk downtown and look at the people who survive by fleecing the servicemen. Ask yourself if anything can be done to protect your rights as a sailor?

A newspaper, by its very idea, can influence people. It can assert pressure on those people who take advantage of our position, and protect those of us who violate "laws" and have no legal means to help themselves. We want to start an advertising program that will support those in the community of San Diego who give sailors a square deal; exposing those who sell goods for the maximum profit and get the unknowing serviceman over a barrel. A civilian is protected in various ways. But if the sailor demands a fair deal, the merchant writes a letter to the sailor's commanding officer and he makes sure the sailor pays through the nose. This could happen if you want it to; but only by keeping your mouth shut as they put the screws to you.

Military Injustice is another thing that we as a group must face together. According to a rare series of documented articles on courts-martials by Jack C. Landau, a Washington reporter for the "Staten Island Advance;" in Staten Island, N.Y., September 1967, 95% of all service courts-martials ended up in convictions. Mathematically, you have a five per cent, chance of aquittal, probably less than that because some of those aquittals were given to officers who have the edge on you since they are tried by their peers.

The above paragraph does not preclude the thousands of "convictions" that are handed down without trial under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military "In"Justice. If you don't know what article 15 is, look it up, its your neck in that noose. This is not time to go into military courts. The result: You go to work, walk around and go on liberty; if you step out of line you get the axe, there are no questions asked about legality, no questions about the circumstances, they play a game and you wind up hung. So sailor/marine/soldier, walk softly, keep your eyes to the ground, don't step out of line and you'll make out, that is if they don't get you first.

Think about it...ask yourself what if it happens to you, it very well may. Duck Power can, and will help you. You can call a number and someone will come or try their best to assist you. We will get you a civilian lawyer if you need him; and we can help yo u understand your rights as a citizen and serviceman. If you do not want to cop-out and take whatever is given you, this lawyer will represent you at your court -martial. If you want to see a doctor, and you can't talk to a military doctor (who will turn you in if he has to), call Duck Power and we will get you medical care, or a p9chiatrist if you want to talk with one who will listen to you as a person and not an uppity enlisted man who is trying to get out of something. All FREE, no bread.

The potential of Duck Power is there. It is there to help you become a human being. Our organization does everything in its power to prevent you from being turned into a machine. San Diego can be a good place to live (not a great place, but we are working on it). We are not trying to sell you anything. We are not trying to shove a lot of bull---- down your throats. If you want to learn, or if you want to teach, do it. Duck Power will be called, and is called "communist," if this is "communist" somebody ought :o get off their butt and learn what that word means. The people who call Duck Power"communist," are the same "Americans" who say nigger, preach hate, and let fear rule their lives. Duck Power is written, printed put out and paid for, by sailors who feel they can control their own destinies. We are all In this thing together and we need your help. If you want to help, do it; if not, you can sit around and tell each other how bad it is, accept what they do to you, and keep your mouth sucker.

Duck Power, vol. 1, no. 3



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