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GI's Demonstrate In Vietnam

More than 100 black GIs staged an anti-war protest, July 30, in the port base of Qui Nhon ... according to a report by the Liberation Press Service of South Vietnam. They said that the men marched from one end of the base to the other, and also marched on the local airport. They reportedly shouted slogans demanding peace, the end to U.S. aggression in Vietnam, and the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops. At the airport, the black GIs battled with cops who tried to stop the demonstration. Another protest, in the port city of Vinh Lam, has also been reported. It involved 25 GIs who demonstrated publicly against the war. Liberation Press Agency also mentions the killing of two officers in the town of Thach Tri, in Quang Nhai Province. The Americans were reportedly shot in an explicitly anti-war protest by Gis engaged in a mutiny.








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