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Ft Jackson EM Fight Brass

At Ft. Jackson, South Carolina, a group called GIs United Against the War in Vietnam is fighting the brass to get their constitutional rights guaranteed. They began in January by circulating a petition requesting base facilities for an open meeting to discuss the war in Vietnam. They were turned down, and four of their members were attacked with courts martial or restrictions — just for circulating a petition! They won their cases.

But recently, GIs United held an informal rap session outside B-14-4 barracks. They weren't ordered to disperse, but the brass harrassed then, and generally nade the meeting uncomfortable.

The next day, four leaders of GIs United were thrown in the stockade, and a few days later five others were put under barracks arrest, and formal charges of “breach of peace,” and “willful disobedience to a superior officer” were brought against them.

In a related development, four attornies have filed suit against the Sec'y of the Army (our old friend, Stanley Resor), and the Commanding General at Ft. Jackson (a grand old man, Gen. Janes Hollingsworth), in the name of 10 members of GIs United, asking the court to declare that GIs United has the right to hold open meetings on or off base (during off duty hours), and can petition for redress of grievances without being harrassed by the brass.
This case involves all GIs, since a victory by GIs United would mean that GIs on every base in the US could organize and have meetings without being bothered by the brass!

There's a fact sheet on this case below. The title reads “Free the Fort Jackson 9”. Now it's the Fort Jackson 8 — one of the guys is a C.I.D. agent! Messages of protest should be sent to the commanding General at Ft. Jackson to let him know that Ft. Sheridan GIs don't like what he's doing to GIs United. Send a message of support to GIs United, Box $43, Columbia, S.C.

Free the Fort Jackson 8

Today nine members of the Fort Jackson, S.C. GIs United Against the War in Vietnam are in the stockade facing courts martial on charges ranging from “breach of peace” to “willful disobedience to a superior officer.” How did this case develop? After submitting petitions with nearly 1000 signatures requesting use of base facilities for an open discussion on the Vietnam war, and being denied that request, GIs United on March 20th, held an informal “rap session,” attended by over 100 GIs, on the lawn outside B-14-4 barracks. At no time was an order given to disperse, though several officers continually harrassed the GIs during the meeting. The next day, four leaders of GIs United were put in the stockade. Early the next week five others were imprisoned and formal charges brought against the nine.

On March 26, Noted civil liberties attorney leonard Boudin, together with two other lawyers filed suit in Federal Court seeking to stop the Army from continuing the persecution of GIs United. Seven of the nine imprisoned are among the plaintiffs, and Stanley Resor, Secretary of the Army and Brig. Gen. James Hollingsworth, commanding officer at Fort Jackson are the defendants.

GIs United is a group comprising over l00 GIs, mostly Black and Puerto Rican. They publish an antiwar paper, Short Times and have been meeting and carrying out activity since January. This is the latest in a series of attacks which began in January.

The courts martial coming up, and the suit present a clear demand for the antiwar movement. Civilians must defend these GIs in every way possible. Some of the actions civilianas can take are:

l. Send messages supporting the Fort Jackson Nine and demanding their immediate release and the dropping of all charges to Gen. James Hollingsworth, Commanding General, Fort Jackson, S.C.
2. Send messages of support to GIs United, Box 543, Columbia, S.C. 29202.
3. Sign the GI Civil Liberties Defense Committee sponsor card below, `and send it in, together with a contribution for the Fort Jackson Nine defense.
4. Circulate a petition in defense of the Fort Jackson Nine.

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