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This issue contains several articles on racism in the Army. A black GI was beaten so severely in the Frankfurt, Germany, stockade by MPs that he suffered permanent brain damage was not discharged––is being courtmartialed for disrespect to an MP officer asa well as assault. Question of racism in the Army and the system as a whole is looked at from several points of view. A Nam vet asks whether Sir Charles is the real enemy. A group of GI wives tell about the bad conditions they face. The facts about Long Binh Jail (LBJ), related by the majority of editors, who spent time there. Cartoons which you wont find in the Army Times. Special last minute article about the use of GIs as scabs to break the Mail Strike. Readers will see the difference between EM-16 and FTA, which we feel has outlived its usefulness. Remember, this paper is your personal property––even according to Army regulations, believe it or not. The only way the Army can take it away from you is if you let them! If your CO, Security Officer, G2, MP, CID or other forces of reaction ask you where you got EM-16, tell them “Article 31 all the way sir.” Pass EM-16 on to another after you are done. If you don’t know, learn; if you know, teach!






EM-16, no. 1


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