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The Making Of A Malcontent

In many military circles, the editors and publishers of this paper have been classified as “Commies”, “Leftist agitators” malcontents, or psychotics; some would label us a member of the “effete corps of impudent snobs.” We thank them for the recognition, for we are a minority who is beginning to make an awfully big impression upon the majority. We publish this paper because we area minority, something which 16 months of active duty can attest to. We intend to educate the airmen and those officers who are willing to listen that there is one helluva lot of oppression and intimidation in the Air Force. As Reservists, we are extremely lucky, for we are only on active duty for two days a month The Regulars must be subjected to constant downgrading and harassment, day in and day out, as we were once upon a time. Since we are so fortunate to spend so little time “under the thumb”, we therefore feel an obligation to inform those still on active duty as well fellow Reservists. We intend to continue this process of information for some time, and gladly welcome those who desire to assist. We do have a legitimate “bitch”, and if you watch, read, and listen, you will realize just how legitimate. Notice what takes place around you, and you might detect a subtly woven pattern toward emasculation and enslavement.

You know, it's very interesting to observe the things which take a conservative businessman when called-up and turn him into a liberal, military malcontent when de-activated. If you have a few minutes, and maybe a joint, I’d certainly like to expound on a few ideas. Make Nothing But Money, Buy America, Win the War with the Bomb - these were part of my prevailing thoughts as an “intellectual” Republican in January l968. Then the bottom fell out! My freedom gone, I was reduced to earning nothing more than I had formerly used as only spending money. At first, it all seemed like a fantasy, and maybe would last for a few weeks or thirty days at the most. But then time wore on, and the Pueblo stayed in Korea, and the Vietnam War went on, and suddenly it become very apparent that the Reservists were to be on active duty quite some time. That was the beginning!!

In May of 1968, FEAR began to take hold. Rumor went around the 349th that the whole unit might be sent overseas. Most of us feared Korea, or, God Vietnam! The rumor became Truth. In June and July, many were sent to Korea on PCS. With only 10 days notice, the usual having been waived by Major Chubby, the Security Police and others were whisked away. Some were on their honeymoon. They were all worried. WOW, What was happening?

Most of the rest of us were sent PCS around the country, and only a small handful remained at Hamilton. It had to be a dream, and please, could I wake up? But it wasn't a dream, which was soon quite evident. The summer months wiled away and many lawsuits were filed in different parts of the nation. None were successful in their efforts to seek injunction. The Army Reservists were actually Vietnam-bound. We were fed with rumors and possibilities of a September release, or maybe October, or possibly November. The ammunition was supplied by our benefactors. It cmae [sic] in the form of false promises and misleading or evasive news releases, We were used solely as political pawns so that our pilots could replace those sent to Vietnam. Our call-up became even more a joke when the Dept. of the Air Force announced the early release of over 60,000 regulars up to eight months early. Why couldn't something be done?? Was this an American Government doing this to us?

In November, the torch was lit! Previously our General had told us of a provision which would enable us to nullify Reserve training if we were activated for more than a year He spoke the truth. Rightly so, there appeared to be some consolation and small reward for serving in a time of crisis. This was in the form of CAC Sup 1 ... that story is well known. But that wasn't all.

In May of I969, after long months of writing letters to Congressmen with no results, we were really insulted. The tale appeared in the last issue of Eyes Left, and was a great big Conspiracy to Deceive. So we swallowed our pride and our will to fight any longer, and gave in to Reserve meetings. And this took place in Democratic America, not Communist Russia.

Somewhere along the way over that sobering active duty read, something in my head clicked. This isnot right, and what emergency could ever necessitate that a MAN be placed into this situation. We have never seen the enemy. We have never read Marx. Most of us have never been to Communist Russia or Red China to see how our “enemy” lives. Many could not even explain the “war” that we are fighting in Vietnam its causes or its goals. We were recalled to active duty for God knows what reason, and even He might have trouble obtaining the proper security clearance to get the reason. We were like the proverbial lamb being led to slaughter!

One year, or more precisely 11 months, and many events later, I began to question a few of the things which had taken place. l began to notice the tie–in between the large business interests, more specifically the defense giants, and Armed Forces (in one case alone the C-5A involved five major companies in just the Aerospace field). There were obvious political implications to the Vietnam War escalation in conjuction [sic] to our callup and the extra manpower needs. The Korean incident was revisited upon us in the form of an EC–21 which was shot down. But yet we were not retained on active duty ... rather we were released. So maybe Korea wasn't the real reasons we were recalled.

THERE began the nucleus for a malcontent, a militarily disoriented person who is referred to in many military circles as a “Commie”, or a leftist agitator, a psychotic.

Eyes Left , no. 7


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