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Our new name, Fall In At Ease! May surprise those readers who have always known us as We Got The Brass. A word of explanation is in order. Over the summer the first Japanese anti-military GI paper came out with the name Fall In At Ease (in Japanese of course). To express our solidarity with our brothers who are fighting within the Japanese armed forces (the so-called ‘Self-Defense Force’) we have adopted this new name. We are in the same struggle with our Japanese anti-war brothers!

In this ‘new’ paper we hope to have more articles, letters and comments from you, because you are the ones who know best what kind of illegal hassles and bullshit the brass uses to put down anyone who has guts enough to stand up for his rights. Let us know what you’ve seen and experienced. Let us know what kind of shit the lifers are trying to pull on you. (The brass is so uptight about the truth getting out that in the Ginza U. S. O. You can’t even take a leak in peace: right over the latrine it tells you that you shouldn’t tell anyone while you’re here in Japan about Vietnam - though come to think of it, the John is the appropriate place for that kind of shit.)

All small dictators are afraid of the truth. It was through the massive outcry caused by the publication of the facts about the “Presidio 27” that forced the military to finally reduce the ridiculous sentences iof 16 years each, in some cases, down to 6 months for peacefully sitting down and reading a list of grievances and singing a few songs. So let the world and other brothers in the service know. Others can help but only if they know.



Fall In At Ease!, Autumn 1970


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