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Notes From The Staff

We did it ourselves. We waited for a long time for someone to start a paper here at Campbell that would reflect a little bit of what really comes off in this post––and we don’t mean Army Times and Campbell Courier. Well nobody else did, so we did it ourselves. Now we’ve got it started and it’s been a real hassle. But here we are and there you are. What’s next is for us to get together with you out there and maybe we can work out some groovy stuff for future issues.

Now what we plan to do in the paper is probably self-explanatory by just reading this first issue. We have three main things we want the paper to cover. One is exposing the discrepancy that exists between what the publicity personnel release to the public (like polished news of trainees having a ball during training or earning awards for this and that) and what every GI knows is really going on. In short, to give GI’s a place to tell it like it is.
Our second purpose is to provide an information service which will seek out and present relevant information from accross the country which concerns the GI. We will try to keep you turned on to what’s happening on other forts and what events have a bearing on all our lives as soldiers.

And third we want to have a little fun. If it wasn’t a groove and if we didn’t think our readers would groove on it, then we certainly wouldn’t spend the time and money it takes to put it out.

If you have any interest at all in us for Christ’s sake write to us and criticize our format, articles, or asnything. What we would really dig is articles and information on what’s going on in your units. We can do what we can to bring in news from other posts and relevant news from national news media. But at the present we can only reliably cover the gripes and news of a small part of the post and we have every intention of representing the views of the entire post.

This first issue is an experiment. Your response will determine its success or failure.

Please help us make this project a success. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL UNDERGROUND PAPER!!!

Flag in Action, no. 1


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