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“It’s not the first time a woman makes love to a man that counts, but the second.” Similarly, it is not the first time a paper reaches for the hearts of its circulation, but the second that counts. THIS IS OUR SECOND ISSUE.

I. Present selected articles from some of the hundreds of GI publications across the country.

II. Present our own views. Please bear with us, basically, we are the same as our readers; subject to the same discipline, the same limitations of time, money and personal energy; subject to the same expression, stifling pressures. One of the things we are fighting for, is Free Speech and Free Press for GI’s.

III. Present your views, pettitions, factual letters, etc. BEWARE! Anything you send us will be screened as carefully as possible for truth content. If you have a legitimate complaint or argument to present, we want it, but please make every effort to be completely honest. The truth can hurt whats wrong in this system, intentional falsifying can only hurt us.

We want to be as personally honest as we can be but, as the unforgettable master, Herman Hesse, puts it, “ is so very difficult to be perfectly true to ourselves.” Admittedly, we have our own personal biases. Particularly while the Army will not recognize it, we are violently opposed to the war in Vietnam. Further, we believe that since huge numbers of college students are joining our ranks a great portion of them will share our point of view. Judging from this bias alone, perhapse yoyu can see that since congressional pressure, intellectual’s serious articles and student demonstrations have been ineffectual in halting this war, the GI’s participation may be NECESSARY.

As all of us are beset by biases, it is best for us to try and recognize them and present them to you. We don’t hope to convince you of the rightness of our point of view in one or a hundred papers, but with the entirely one sided view presented day after day by the Army, we FEEL our presentation will be useful to your personal syntheses.

We hope our second issue is a groove, we appeal for your help and criticism immediately:
P. O. BOX 2416
New Providence, Tenn, 37040.

Flag in Action, no. 2


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