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Saving Bombs. Everybody's Sweetheart - 20,000 Times

She loves everybody and everybody loves her. Navy Nurse Lt (jg) Susan Schnall, assigned to Oaknol Nasval Hospital, could be termed "Miss Peace Bomb of 1968." She led her bombing crew on a mission of mercy, Thursday, October 10.

Mission targets were the aircraft carrier USS Ranger, Oaknoll Naval Hospital, Treasure Island Naval Base, Presidio Army Hq, and Yerba Buena Island.

The misssion was: hit the target with 20,000 leaflets telling about the October 12 GI moarch and explaining to all service personnel their rights should they choose to participate in the march. As Lt. Schnall put it, "We wanted them to know ythey had a right to participate and no one could sdtop them."

The leaflets were right on target. Lt. Schnall summed it up simply by saying, "The leaflets opened up and it was beautiful."The men could be seen scrambling for them.

It was a success in more ways than one. West Coast newsmen rushed to Palo Alto airport for a post-filght press conference with Lt. Schnall and her crew. The story received wide coverage.





Flag in Action, no. 2


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