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I Have Sworn ... Hostility Against Every Form Of Tyranny Over The Mind Of Man. T. Jefferson

Free speech is one of the basic principles on which our country was founded, yet, uopon entering the service, the Airman is told he no longer has this right. Don’t the minds of society’s human — military — machine matter at all? It seems not. Being able to speak one’s mind is one of the last hopes of man. The Airman is constantly ignored when it comes to informing them of their rights. By keeping us ignorant, they can hope to suppres our minds. We should not let this happen. If you don’t think you have any rights, then you won’t. Fight against “Tyranny over the mind of man.” Don’t let them stagnate your mind. Exercise your right to free speech. -- A Chanute G. I.









A Four Year Bummer, no. 1


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