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The Call

If the Pigs are successful in their attempt, we can never hope to unite in our struggle to free all the people from the oppressions now being imposed upon each and every one of us.

The lifers and brass must succeed in their plot if they are to keep brothers separated and continue to keep us down. They make us think our enemies are the blacks. Bullshit. They are the ones oppressing us. We must unite. Don't let the lifers separate us. If we do, we are doomed to live in their fascist society until we die.

We must not allow an inter-service race riot to start. All you can accomplish by participating in a riot is getting yourself and your brothers busted. There is also the threat of mass punishment to every man in the area, whether involved or not. This will accomplish only further dissent among the brothers.

It is time you were enlightened to the fact that all brothers, whether black, white, brown, red, or yellow, are subjected to the same harassments and petty shit dealt out by the PIG. Though the blacks have been harrassed more in order to start trouble, it is important to understand that any brothers no matter what his race, who incites a riot, is an enemy to all of us,

In addressing this letter to the Black brothers and sisters in the military wherever you may be:

As Blacks you should be more aware of the system you are serving under, as members of the military. This white oriented race feels less compunction of murdering your Black brothers and sisters than of any other race of people around. You have seen, read, and heard how numbers of our people have been butchered and murdered by this group of murdering son of a bitches, who only want power and world domination of all dark skin people. You as Blacks should be even more against the senseless murder of the dark people in Southeast Asia. Because after they have conquered and destroyed these oppressed people, their next step is you my brothers (Yes you my brother). Because we'll be the only dark race left to conquer.

Malcolm X tried to tell you this, but nothing was done then. People like the Panthers and even white revolutionists-all of them have been saying stand up and fight before you are destroyed.

Now you are in the military. You are here helping to destroy your own people. So, don't alienate yourself from these revolutionists who are trying to nave you, but get yourselves together and join in the fight to destroy the pigs who are trying to destroy us. Also don't feel that whites can't help because there are many white revolutionists who have been kicked up the ass fighting for the same cause. As revolutionists, they are also being oppressed by these same pigs. And remember all revolutionists are for the same thing. Destroy the agresaor and free the oppressed.

Power to the People
The Revolution

A Four Year Bummer, vol. 2, no. 6


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