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Camp McCoy ASU Members Released

Three members of the American Servicemen's Union stationed at Camp McCoy, Wisc., were released from restriction August 19. The three had been restricted to the base and interrogated by government agents in connection with several bomb explosions on the Army base July 26, which destroyed two buildings.

The release of the men came as a result of solidarfly among the men in the ASU chapter at McCoy and the efforts of the national office of the ASU in New York City. When the national office received word from the men, it was able to obtain them legal council. A writ of habeus corpus was filed in Federal Court in Milwaukee, demanding that the Army release the men or charge them. ASU's Field Organizer, John Lewis, was sent out to organize support among GIs at McCoy for the case. A demonstration was called to take place at the Federal Building in Milwaukee. The demonstration and habeus corpus hearing were cancelled on August 8, when the army decided to release the men. All three have since been punitively transferred to Ft. Carson, Colorado.







A Four Year Bummer, vol. 2, no. 7


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