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Dix And Allen Still In Slam

Two GI 's, SP4 Carl Dix arid Pfc James Al len continue to be jai led in pre-trial confinement even though it is against regulations. They are part of the Fort Lewis Six awaiting trial for refusal to violate their consciences.

Both men were placed in the Post stockade after refusing to be sent to Overseas Reolacement Station for reassignment to Vietnam along with Manuel Perez and Paul Forest, who also refused shipment.. Shortly thereafter both Perez and Forest were released to their companies while Allen and Dix remained in confinement illegally.

Post regulation 27-2 explicitly states that pre-trial confinement is to be used only when there is danger that the person may try to physically injure himself or there is substantial evidence indicating they would not remain around for the trial. The only criteria to be used is recurrent AWOL's where the person didn't voluntarily return. In both cases neither ground exists. Dix has never been AWOL end has ratings of excellent in conduct and'efficiency. Allen, while having been AWOL twice, returned voluntarily and had given written notice of his AWOL's to his unit commander before leaving. The AWOLs were justified to prevent his illegal shipment to Vietnan and both times they were successful. The total AWOL was less than 6 days.

Giving some vague interpretation of the regulation, their commander refuses to consider them for release from pre-trial confinement, but the real reason is quite obvious. Dix and Allen have the guts to stand up for what they believe in and the Army figures that it is giving example to anyone else who wants to voice their opinion against the rape of Indochina and the denial of the"guaranteed" rights of the GI. When asked the reason for the confinement of Dix and Allen, he freely admits it is becuase of their "dissent" associations. (Carl Dix helped publicize the mockery of justice that was .done to Willie Williams, and both Dix and Allen are members of the Order of MaxIrniIIian, a national organization of conscientious objectors.)

Another reason both Dix and Allen are in pre-trial confinement is because it is bad time and does not count toward their date of separation from the Army. It's a case of serving the sentence before being convicted, and as is the usual case in Fort Lewis justice, the time spent in pre-trial confinement would not count as having been part of the sentence.

It is a convenient way to extend the punishment beyond the maximum allowed under the Uniform Code of MiIitary Justice.

Ft. Lewis Free Press, no. 2


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