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Ord SPD Lights Up

On Wednesday, August 12, MPs busted GIs in the Special Processing Detachment at Fort Ord for not wearing hats. While the two busted GIs were being taaken to the MP station, word of the injustice spread.

By the time the MPs returned to the area, about 50 GIs had gathered near the gates of the SPD complkex to let the MPs know that they didn't dig the hareassment of their brothers. Threatened with this show of togetherness, one of the MPs ran to his car to radio help.

As large numbers of MPs, CID personnel, and military brass converged on the scene, the oppressed GIs responded with a volley of rocks thrown at the MP cars. The MPs hurriedly moved their cars out of range and closed the gates to thee SPD complex.

The crowd of GIs, which by this time had grown much laarger, then started trashing the mess halls. They smashed all the windows, then broke down the doors and entered thee buildings. After overturning tables and throwing chaairs and other equipment out the windows, someone obviously set fire to the mess halls.

The MPs, apparently intimidated by the united sspirit of the GIs, made no effort to sto the trashing. Finally, the gates were opened and fire trucks, heavily guaarded by MPs, were brought in. At this point the demonstrating subsided and the crowd of GIs dispersed.



Ft. Lewis Free Press, no. 3


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