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PFC Dennis L Davis (15 And An Early Wake-up) Gets An Early Out!!!

Today the Army made its first public move against the spreading underground GI newspaper movement. PFC Dennis Davis (Ft Gordon, Ga), one of the editors of The Last Harass, was given a 212 (unfitness) discharge under less than honorable conditions. Dennis had fifteen and a wake-up to go, at the time the Army gave him his early out.

According to Major Richard Lamb, the Ft Gordon Public Information Officer; Davis was given an Undesirable Discharge to prevent him from carrying on his anti-military organizing in the Reserves.

Although Major Lamb noted that PFC Davis's "record as a soldier was unblemished", the three man (officers) board that determined Davis's unfitness reported that "His unfitness has been demonstrated by his participation in the publication and circulation of material containing incidents of discreditable nature and contemptuous of the President and senior military officers. This material is designed to promote and encourage unrest and disloyalty among the members of the armed forces. Additionally, he assisted a member of the Armed Forces to go AWOL" This statement was signed by Lester D. Royalty, Colonel, Infantry.

(Ed note: the truth encourages unrest and disloyalty among the members of the Armed Forces).

The following statement was offered in evidence against PFC Davis by 2Lt James R. Daniel, the CO of Davis's company:

“Davis's arrival in the unit heralded the beginning of a number of incidents of petty grievances among other assigned personnel. Although there are no specific incidents which could be directly attributed to Davis, I felt that each incident was the result of Davis' actions. Davis could be observed talking with small groups of individuals and when approached, conversation would be halted and individual members would disperse. Prior to Davis being assigned, the number of individuals who took advantage of the announced grievance hour was almost negligible; however, this suddenly reversed. On one occasion, I called an individual into my office to inform him action under Article 15, UCMJ, was being considered against him. The individual accepted, departed my office, and was later seen talking with Davis. Shortly thereafter, the individual returned to my office, advised me that he had been groggy, did not understand what was happening, and desired to refuse the proposed punishment. I found several publications throughout the company area which were subversive in nature or anti-Vietnam. Again, I cannot specifically state that Davis placed those publications, but only that he had such material in his possession. An unannounced security Inspection [Shakedown] by ACofS, G2 was conducted in the first platoon. Numerous publications, including Progressive Labor Party material, was found in Davis' locker. The material was taken by G2 personnel after beinig inventoried in Davis' presence. During one such shakedown inspection, Davis admitted to me that he was a member of the Progressive Labor Party. Since Davis' reassignment from the unit on or about 13 June 1968, the number of grievances and general unrest within the unit has subsided. I can only surmise that Davis presence and actions with the unit contributed immeasurable to the general decline of morale and discipline while he was assigned."

In his statement, Lt Daniels announced the amazing discovery that PFC Daniels is a member of the Progressive Labor Party. This is most amazing since Davis had freely and repeatedly told his draft board, the army, and anyone else who was interested of this fact.

This action against Davis was totally illegal. The testimony was hearsay - no concrete conclusion could possibly be drawn from it. The fact that he "may" have been a disruptive influence is hardly grounds for an undesirable discharge. But that doesn't matter to the army; he played it straight and they never were able to "nail" anything on him but they had to have their way so they worked out their little inquisition. The whole episode shows to what lengths the army will go to punish [hah!] anyone who doesn't behave in conformity with the army's desires - and it doesn't matter how they go about it, either, as evidenced by the whole scene between PFC Davis and the us army.

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