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GI Coffee House Opens

More than a year ago, FTA dared to challenge the army, the system. We told what was really happening- how the army treated us, how we were used to maintain control for the fat cats- the same people who run our lives outside of the army. But, FTA as a paper could do only so much to change these conditions, the time has come to do more - and so - WE HAVE OPENED A GI COFFEE-HOUSE right here in good old Muldraugh, Kentucky. What is there to do at night? Shoot pool in the dayroom, read the Army Times, go to Jerry's or Louisville and get picked up by the West Point cops. And once there, we have the choice of listening to car engines or 4th St. “recreation” centers and businesses eager to take our money.

We feel that our time can be spent more productively and enjoyably. Like FTA, the Coffee-House is dedicated to building a movement of GIs who no longer will accept being messed over in the army and being used to mess over other people around the world. The Coffee-House will be a place where a guy who has been torn away from his family and friends and put into the cesspool known as the army can get away, a place to go where people are not telling him what to do and how to do it, a place to call his own, do what he wants, LIVE, get out of the stupor that Basic and AIT and the whole fucking system tries to keep us in. Most important, its a place where he can get together with other guys who feel like he does and begin to change things. It's our Coffee-House, we have opened it, but its up to you as to what the Coffee-House will be like. Some of the ideas that we have had so far are: legal assistance; good-non-fascistHollywood-commercial-nitwit-movies; live rock and a real good sound system, an open kitchen area where a guy or girl can make a sandwich and get something to drink without waiting in line and all that shit. All important decisions about Coffee-House operations will be made by GIs. We have some money, but like FTA, the Coffee-House can survive only with your help. Come on over, help fix the place up, hold meetings, conspire, struggle, or just rest easy We're planning to be open every night and all day on weekends

So far we have not come up with a name for the place. Outside the store is a very big sign which says: DAVE'S MARKET. Some of the names suggested so far are: SAEDA, OVER THE-HILL (We're just over-the-hill from Ft Knox), PEOPLE'S PX, NO TANKS, FT CHE, and a whole bunch of others. One of the first things that will be decided collectively will be a name for the place.

There is only one rule at the Coffee House: No drugs, liquor or fights. The brass wouldlike nothing better than to close us down- declare the place off-limits, or attempt to harass people. These would give them and the local police the opportunity to do so, Let's not give them that chance.

We'll be working on the paper there so, if we get help from enough people we'll really be able to cover the fort and find out all the shit that previously people weren't able to tell us about.

GI Coffee-Houses have appeared at several bases in recent years: The UFO at Ft Jackson, S. C. , OLEO STRUT at Ft Hood, Texas, SHELTER HALF at Ft Lewis, Wash because GIs and concerned civilians friends have determined to do something about the way that the army tries to remove us from contact with what life is really like. We have done the same here at Ft Knox.

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