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Fact Sheet On GI Coffeehouse

August 30, 1969--Coffeehouse opens.

Sept. 2nd--City council of Muldraugh passes new law requiring police approval for a business permit.

Sept. 5th--Coffeehouse closed by police and landlord refuses rent on the advice of the county attorney.

Sept. 28th--Coffeehouse opened with large rally and has remained open ever since.

Oct. Ist.--Judge rules in favor of landlord in eviction trail; 10,000.00 cash posted for appeal and coffeehouse remains open.

Oct. 9th--Firebomb thrown in coffeehouse; sheer luck no damage.

Oct.3Oth--Grand Jury indicts six people, including minister and wife, Vietnam veteran, and ex-GI for violation of sanitary laws (not enough bathrooms even though we never tried to serve food) and "maintaining a Common Public Nuisance frequented by evil people" (GIs). Possible sentece up to one year and one month.

Oct. 30th--Fire bombed again, slight damage, nightly guards stationed at coffeehouse (volunteers of GIs and civilians).

Oct. 31st--Four people sent to jail for 13 days for refusing to answer Grand Jury 's questions.

Nov. 4th--Federal suit wins temporary restraining order and release of six indictees.

Nov. 12th--People in jail for contempt released on bond by State court of appeals.

Feb. 4th,1970-Indictees face trial and likely conviction on low levels of judicial system. New Grand Jury comes to session with mission to investigate "red menace." More indictments possible.

Feb. 24th--Indictees show up to testify for retrial of eviction hearing but the trial is delayed; new indictemnts on "public nuisance" charge are delivered on the original six indicted--two of the six are arrested; indictees now face two years.

March 5th-- Gis call boycott of Muldraugh bussinessnes in order to end the harrassment; 4 Gis, one male civilian and one woman are arrested while leafleting a business; each charged with disorderly conduct " and bond set at $500..00 each.

March 6th-- Three indictees released on their own bond by Federal District judge and original injunction on charges from last fall extended to new charges. Case referred to three judge federal court.

March 6th--GIs and civilians leaflet Burger Queen again; 3 more arrested on disorderly conduct charges. At Burger Queen ten men with clubs chase GIs and civilian supporters, hit one civilian, take his camera, vandalize car of coffeehouse staff.

March 8th--Civilans leaflet again; noarrests--a victory.

March 7-9 - Three Gis transferred to Elizabethtown Jail; jailer tells several thugs to harrass the prisoners; A GI is beaten up and cut with glass by another prisoner.

March lOth--All GIs released on bond. Civilian gotten out on bond is immediately rearrested for "disorderly conduct" and "destroying public property" (allegedly a lock was broken in jail.)

March 11th-- All GIs previously arrested and released on bond are rearrested for the same charge as the male civilian ( " disorderly conduct in jail " ).

March 12th--Three judge panel is set for the 18th; at that time they took the case " under consideration " and will decide whether the federal court has the jurisdiction to hear the case or not within two weeks.

March 20th--GIs and civilians tried and convicted for being "disorderly conduct in jail"; each given fine of $75.00. GIs are still in jail waiting appeal bond.

At this time civilians and GIs face four trials within the next two months; 1) retrial of eviction hearing 2) trial for disorderly conduct (while leafleting) 3) trial for destruction of public property 4) trial of indictments

Your support in terms of coming to rallies in Louisville and court hearings is needed. Also, bail fund (over $ 2000.00 will be required to get people out of jail in April) would be appreciated. Please send whatever you can to: FTA, BOX 336, LOUISVILLE, KY.

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