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The Presidio In Retrospect

A new chapter in the continuing history of THE Man's inhumanity to man has been written with the sentencing of 14 innocent men to terms ranging from six months to three years at hard labor. The slight glimmer of hope, inherent in the fact that all sentences were commutations that none of the much harsher original penalties, is overshadowed by the realization that none of the sentences were just.

These men committed the "crime" of caring about the national policies they are pledged to support. THEY wished to have a say in the establishment and execution (all to often the end result of these policies is exactly that) of the foriegn affairs of THEIR nation. Rational and concerned Americans can only find DENIAL of HUMAN RIGHTS and shame in the repression of democratic thouth and actions.

Wake up, mindless proles and assert your constitutionally guaranteed perogatives! You civilians have an obvious place in the struggle against the MIC-clique; but it is we, the GIs who must work from the inside--and work hardest--to reduce and control this cancer on the body politic. Sit on your mnaterial cushion today, and tomorrow you'll lie prone under the boot heel of General Despair!





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