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Almost every G. I. hates the Army and the war but many G.I.s do not know what they can do about it. Our position is that while we are in the Army we must obey all legal orders. At the same time, we are citizens and do not give up our Constitutional rights because we put on a uniform. Even in the Army G.I.s have many political rights of which they are unaware (such as the right to run for political office). We have the right to vote, and the right to be informed of political alternatives to the bosses' war and bosses' political parties. G.I.s need their own forum to discuss the questions which so closely concern their well-being and life. G.I. Voice, written for and by G.I.s, hopes to provide such a forum. We urge you to subscribe and distribute G.I. Voice. Letters and articles by you will be welcomed and published without your name unless you request otherwise.

G.I. Voice will be sent first class mail and free to all G. I.s. If you are asked by the brass to give up your copy, don't hassle, just write us for another. Future issues will discuss the Vietnam War, “unionizing” the Army, and the nature of imperialism. If you are interested in receiving G.I. Voice, write to us at the following address:
G.I. Voice
Box 825
Stuyvesant Station
New York, N.Y. l0009


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