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Gigline Is Back

Once again we hope there will be a unified expression of protest at Fort Bliss through a growing number of disatisfied and disillusioned Ft. Bliss GIs.

Gigline is dedicated to bringing about significant changes in the military, in U.S. foreign policy, and in the nation as a whole. It is felt that GI's can better the Army by organizing within the military and working with interested civilian groups. We feel that if our country continues along at its present course, world wide devastation is the only possible outcome. If we remain silent members of the military, we will be working directly against our own interests and the interests of mankind. In many ways, inactivity is the equivalent of murder. There is enough disatisfaction, awareness, and dedication at Ft. Bliss to bring about change if we begin to pool GI efforts together to work in unity.

Already, a significant amount of work has been done. A group has been established to provide legal assistance, contacts have been made with VISTA, and other poverty programs, and we have had a get-togerther at McKelligan Canyon, an event which has lifted everyone's spirits.

Such visible displays of interest, however, can be little more than pep talks. Real work has to be done. It is necessary to meet, discuss, and plan programs. We must find out where each of us stands, to argue, and then move towards action.

We hope Gigline can get things rolling. Anyone interested in talking, writing, contributing time or money or in taking action is urged to get in touch with us. By using Gigline as a switchboard and a clearing house, no one should be left isolated. In unity there is strength But where we go from here is up to all of us. Lend a hand.

Gigline, vol. 1, no. 2



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