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The Graffitti

What is the Graffitti? There are those who will pick up a copy, glance at it, and condemn it: “Aw, it's by one of them liberals or hippies or somethin'”. There are those who won't read it because it isn't an AR. But there are those who will read it, prompted by boredom or curiosity. The Graffitti is a newspaper of opinion and fact, dedicated to the idea: “Every soldier has, or should have, the right to think.” We are not urging a revolt inside the Army nor would we necessarily condone one. To quote Army General Council Robert E. Jordon III, “I personally reject the view,” he has written, “that those who enter military service perform in an enclave where the constitution - including the First Amendment - is not applicable.”









The Graffitti, no. 1


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