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First Issue Of Green Machine

As a whole, the first issue of the GREEN MACHINE was far from perfect. We realize this, but we also realize the importance of what we are doing and have come to the conclusion that something must be done. The lack of freedom for GI's and the absence of constitutional rights has made this paper necessary.
It is a pity that all of our work must be done in secret, but you all know why this is so.

Have you ever asked yourself why things are the way they are in the, military? These conditions have existed because until recently soldiers were afraid to act independently against their “superiors”. Now there is a movement, a movement that has swept the military bases across the country and around the world. GI's are fighting for their rights and winning.

Such a movement is beginning at Fort Wainwright and it needs your support. It will be a peaceful fight but not a weak one. We as concerned Americans must realize what is happening to our country and strive to change it before it is too late. By supporting us and our brothers around the world you will be making America a better place to live instead of a better place to die.





The Green Machine, no. 2


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