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As military discipline breaks down in both Viet Nam and at home, reports of brutality used against our brothers in the armed forces are on the rise. The military's ultimate weapon is the stockade, designed as a living hell to force GI's iinto line.

There are more than 15,000 men in military stockades and brigs across the country and overseas. These men are political prisoners; their crime, in 90% of the cases, is refusing to fight in Viet Nam. They resist either by refusing to obey orders to train or ship out, or by going AWOL. But how can the military punish these men short of execution? What could. be worse than the de-humanizing process that tries to change decent young men into cold-blooded killers?

These, men have said they have had enough, and civilian support is building for them. The ruling class can no longer persuade them to do its' dirty work for them. They are moving from resistance to rebellion and they need our support.






The Green Machine, no. 1


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