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The United Servicemen Of Alaska

The United Servicemen of Alaska shall supmort and work for these points:

1. To promote peace.

2. To work for the end of the Vietnam war, the end of the use of war as an implement of our foreign policy, and the end of American Militarism.

3. To regain full Constitutional rights for soldiers, to inform them of these rights and of the nature and functioning of the military system.

4 To end institutional racism.

5. To provide a complete counseling service for all soldiers.

6. To work for better conditions for enlisted men, less rigid credit policies, and more reasonable Commissary and PX prices and conditions.

7. To extend legal, medical and eucational aid in the solutton of local problems.

8. To eliminate the water pollution, air pollution and other environmental problems of Alaska caused by the military.

9. To establish a newspaper as the voice of the UNITED SERVICEMEN OF ALASKA.

The Green Machine, no. 2


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