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National Guardsmen, Reservists Sign Anti-War Statement

Berkeley, Calif, Aug.15--- More than one thousand National Guardsmen and Reservists from all over the country have signed a petition calling for immediate, total withdrawal from Vietnam.
The petition is the first large puolic war protest by officers and men from the Reserves and Guard. The signers come from all seven branches of the Reserves: Air and Army National Guard; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine and Coast Guard Reserves.

"We wear the same uniform as the American troops being killed and maimed every day in Vietnam," the statement says. "We want those soldiers home - alive. We demand total withdrawal of all our fellOw. American soldiers from Vietnam now. Not just combat troops, not just ground forces, but all troops".

Petition sponsored by Reservists Committee to Stop the War, P.O. Box 4398, Berkeley, Cal. 94704







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