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Covered Wagon Rolls

It has actually happened. There is a place in Mountain Home. The Covered Wagon (formerly known as the Mountain Home Theatre) has just been opened by us and for us. It's just across from the railroad station (150 N. Main Street, if you want to be precise) and will be open every afternoon and evening.

It's sort of a coffee house - just so that you know the movement has come to Mountain Home. But it's a lot more. It is a theatre and flicks will he shown. There will be rock concerts, productions by visiting theatre groups, folk concerts and a lot more in the cultural way, including the start of our own theatre group to produce relevant documents. The base is filled with talented men and women, musicians, writers, actors and stage managers. Come on over and help build a theatre in the desert. Ask for Tom.

And the Wagon will witness a lot of serious raps as well. A searching panel discussion of the results of the air war in Southeast Asia, with experts, including first hand accounts from those who have been there, both in South and North Viet Nam.

Dick Gregory will talk with us about life. In the meantime he has sent a message: "Brothers and sisters at the Mountafri Home Air Force Base. The best news I've heard in a long time is that you're getting it together out in the desert in middle America. When that can happen how can we lose? I look forward to being there and talking with you. Peace!"

Other speakers in the following weeks will include Nelson Olds, the Mountain Home Chief of Police who will talk about Idaho law, and Norm Bishop, a prominent Boise businessman who has spoken out sharply against the war. Invitations are out to Governor Andrus (John O'COnnor's friend) and to Sen. Frank Church.

There will also be a panel discussion of the prisoner of war question, which will feature a former POW and the mother of a POW now held capive in Nam.

The Wagon will house a library. A number of the country's leading publishers have agreed tom make relevant books available to us.

The public meeting that opens the Covered Wagon will be held on Monday evening, June 14, when Bob Rix raps about "Your Military Rights."

There is one firm rule at the Wagon. NO DOPE IS ALLOWED. If you want to get ripped before coming thaat is your business and your responsibility. But we don't intend to violate any small laws. A dope bust interferes with our effort - to change the entire system and build instead, something that is responsive to human needs.

Helping Hand, no. 10


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