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The purpose of this paper is to provide the Ft. Huachuca GI -All Ft. Huachuca that is- with a different and more accurate side of GI life here.

The GI today is, as he always has been, the most oppressed minority in America. Nowhere else will you find the freedom of press, speech or the right of people to lawfully assemble, so brutally deprived. A revolution is simmering in America. A revolution to usurp the imperialistic, wormongering [sic], money grabbing, hypocritical policies of gray old men.

People no longer want to be told by their “elected” presidents (a term used loosely here, since you have to be 21 to vote - but only 18 to die) that they are at war. The people want to make these kind of decisions (as they should in a true democracy).

American corporations need war to keep them alive. This country’s citizens are paying for these excess corporate profits - and for the most part unknowingly.

This revolution - of men, of ideas, of culture, and of free expression - is even reaching the enlisted masses of the Army. GIs everywhere are saying “When I came into the Army I swore to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States. Isn’t it about time this constitution be made applicable to me?” (or words to that effect, as the brass would say)

GIs who don’t believe in the unjust and illegal war in Vietnam want to be able to voice their opinions publicly like everyone else. But the brass won’t us (yes us). If you or I stood in front of Greely Hall and shouted “The Vietnam War Sucks!” for everyone to hear, we’d end up in the stockade. But any lifer can say over loudspeakers to thousands of people: “I believe in the War in Vietnam” (or words to that effect). Which only means rape, pilaging, murder, and other attrocities.

At the presidio of San Francisco, 27 GIs got busted for singing “We shall Overcome” and refusing to work in protest to the shotgun slaying of a mentally deranged prisoner. The first three men to be tried for that “offense” (the brass called it MUTINY) got 15, 15, and 16 year federal sentences.

Publicity from underground newspapers, straight rags and GI papers such as this one, brought enough pressure -in the form of public outrage - to reduce the first term to two years. That’s still a fucking long time to do in the joint for singing a song.

But the fight for the Presidio 27 is still on - why shoul Gis who happen to have consciences have to go to jail at the fascistic whimsy of their “leaders” on any trumped up charge? The pressure is still on, and eventually the brass will buckle. (Ever see a brass buckel?)

The purpose of any NEWSpaper is to educate and inform its readers. We intend to do just that. By SCOUTING around for stories and happenings that tell the other side of the story. But we al;so want to serve by offering advice and information to our readers on every possible subject - from how not to get busted, (Hmmmm, for what?) to what’s groovy that’s happening around this God-forsaken place. Of course, the latter is likely to be our smallest column, the way things are.

With the goals stated abiove and on page one, we present you with this “Initial Issue” of the HUACHUCA HARD TIMES, and following issues without the hassle of being charged for not turning in. We’re going to get the shit straight in the shadow of the might Huachuca Mountains. We HOPE we have everyone’s support (excluding the lifer mother-fuckers.) or at least everyones’ interest. That’s a start anyway, to where were going.
Freedom Now - Baby
The editors of this rag.

Huachuca Hard Times , no. 1


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