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What’s The Reason?

Why should you read an underground news paper? Better yet, why should I write one? Why are there Moratorium's and peace demonstrations? WHY? It's really pretty clear to see. There was a mistake maddened people now want to put that problem behind them. That is why we are printing this paper and we believe that's why you' re reading it. We of Kill For Peace print the truth the way it is. REAL and HAPPENING.

We write about how things are going around the bases, the college scene, Viet Nam and about The United States government in general. also if you have a story that you would like to have printed as to let others know what's happening our address is on page #3.

(YOUR NAME WILL NOT BE PRINTED) We feel that our paper will help some people to see the light. When you finish our paper pass it along to a friend. We must join together in our cause. People must see what's going on and do their part against it. We feel that this is our part.






Kill For Peace , no. 1


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