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Statement Of Purpose

As GIs at Fort Gordon the only news we receive about other Army posts, about what is happening in Vietnam, and about events that concern GIs at Fort Gordon is through the Army Times and the Fort Gordon Rambler. The GI editors of this paper and many other GIs have found out through our talks with other GIs, Vietnam Veterans, and civilians, that these papers do not tell what is really happenning. They are written for lifers and for those who benefit from the policy that the Army carries out. We feel that the vast majority of GIs do not benefit from these policies or the Army. We therefore feel it is necessary to start a paper that will eventually bring out the true attitudes and feelings of the majority of GIs and report news that is of concern to them in their fight to change these conditions.

We do not attempt to make this paper reflect all points of view. The Rambler and the Army Times have already put forth the positions and the arguments of the lifers and the minority who benefit from the policies of the Army. We thus dedicate this paper to the mass of GIs and their majority point of view.

The majority of GIs are unaware of many things around them that directly concern them. The Vietnam war is probably the prime example of this. GIs are asked to give up their lives in Vietnam but are not aware of what the history of the Vietnamese people is, what they want, and whst is in their interests, etc. The average GI is thus asked to go to Vietnam to kill and get killed without knowing if he is doing the right thing. The German people were unaware of what Nazi Hitler was doing, and we all know what type of situation that left the German people and people of the rest of the world open to.

Thus, we feel that this paper can help to make the average GI aware of what is happenning and whether what is happenning is in his best interests or not. We feel that every GI will be better off if he adopts the slogan of this paper.



The Last Harass , no. 1



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