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The Army Is Out To Get You

There exists on Fort Gordon a great deal of injustice which exists wholly because of ignorance; ignorance of the individual soldiers rights, ignorance of victories by other soldiers against the brass in other units, and ignorance of support from other soldiers who know whats up. This ignorance is no accidental thing. In basic training you were taught the five Ss in handling prisoners. At last two of these, silence and segregate, are effectively used against us. By keeping us separated from each other and silent through intinidation we are kept in ignorance of what goes on in other companies.

Everyday GIs are being court-martialed for AWOL, insubordination, and refusing orders. In many cases these GIs are being sent to the stockade and fined. But once in awhile a man is let off. But you’ll never hear about it in the Fort Gordon Rambler, our official newspaper hear. In fact you'll probably never read anything of importance to you in that paper. It is not in the interest of thr brass to let you hear your side of whats happening. They're afraid you might stand up and demand your rights which they have had to give you on paper to keep the appearance of democracy but have never gone out of their way to tell you about. That is why GIs all over the country are starting underground papers on military posts - to tell it like it is. These papers are becoming numerous and are free to GIs. They are completely legal but are confiscated by the lifers everytime they are discovered. If you find one don't let a lifer see it. They'll harass you to death just to make an example of you. Distributors of these papers are often shipped around post at random just to keep them away from friends, because there is nothing legal they can do to stop these papers except this.

GIs who stand alone are scewed easily! Support from other GIs has saved many a soldier from quietly being messed over by the brass. Just recently a GI on this post was court-martialed for refusing to go to Vietnam and only got fined and reduced because other GIs found out about it in time and spoke up.

If the brass are trying to intimidate or hang you speak up now before its too late. In numbers there is strength; in truth there is freedom!

The Last Harass , no. 1


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